Agrob-Buchtal is one of Germany’s oldest ceramic tile manufacturer, specialized in klinker tiles (extruded ceramic) but offering also a range of dry-pressed tiles. The advantage of klinker tiles, in respect to dry-pressed ones, is that both its surface and backside can be shaped at will. It is thus possible, for example, to form ribs or waves on the surface or to mold grooves into the backside. These grooves make the installation of klinker tiles on fassades a very fast and easy process, since they slide directly into the support structure profiles.  Agrob-Buchtal FASSADE PROGRAM offers klinker tiles in many sizes up to a maximum lengh of 1800 mm and includes a complete range of accessories for a state-of-the-art installation such as clips, profiles, anti-vibration gaskets, etc.

Klinker is also widely used to produce swimming pool tiles, because its 3D formability allows the production of all the special pieces necessary for the edges, drain channels, rounded borders, etc. which can all be found int Agrob-Buchtal SWIMMING POOL PROGRAM

Coming to the dry-pressed tiles, Agrob-Buchtal series SYSTEM CHROMA, PLURAL PLUS and BASIS offer a vast range of glazed and unglazed tiles, mosaics and special pieces ideal for pools, spas,saunas and other wet areas, but also very suited for medical facilities, sanitaries and bathrooms thanks to the innovative HT coating with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal photocatalitic effect.

Last but not the least series NATUR AMBIENTE proposes klinker tiles in the warm traditional terracotta colors   and serie PIAZZA offers 35 mm thick paving stones for your gardens, terraces and garages which can be installed directly on a sand bed without the need of adhesive and that will never change color due to moss or humidity infiltration as opposed to the common concrete pavers.


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