The interior door is an important element in designing the room. A door, finished with wood veneer, adds coziness to the room. A painted door allows you to create harmony with the wall or, conversely, highlight a door with a contrasting color. A panel door brings a touch of history and romance to the room, a smooth door represents a minimalist trend. A high door looks grand and dignified, and as good news, our interior doors are not limited by the standard height.

Vivarec door range includes wooden doors with aluminum frames. The frame may be invisible, hidden in the wall, or form a thin visible frame. The choice of dimensions is flexible and the door can even reach the ceiling (up to 2.72 m), alternatively the door can be visually extended using the upper panel. The choice of door finishes is wide, allowing not only wood veneer and paint, but also microcement or mirror coating.

Nuda door handles showcase innovative technology and a rosette-free installation method. Suitable for use with magnetic lock body for Vivarec and Prodex interior doors, but this must be taken into account when ordering the doors.