Vivarec – Interior Doors

The interior doors we offer under the name Vivarec have started with our passion for innovative materials and architectural harmony.

GHOST door

Ghost interior door with concealed frame allows a clear and minimalist solution while remaining almost unnoticed in the wall. The aluminum frame is finished to be the same as the wall, so you can only see the door, which can also be ordered with primer to achieve perfect masking. The colour of the painted door can be selected on the basis of the RAL colour card. The selection also includes doors covered with natural wood veneer, with traditional oak and walnut among several exotic woods. You can freely choose the side where the door is, as opening is also possible in the opposite direction.

SLIM door

Aluminum frame interior door Slim offers an airy solution for the frame system with railings. The top version allows you to visually extend the door to the ceiling.

Doorway opening calculator

Door width 70 80 90 100
GHOST door opening, mm 850-870 950-970 1050-1070 1150-1170
SLIM door opening, mm 813-833 913-933 1013-1033 1113-1133
Door length 202 212 222
GHOST door opening, mm 2095-2105 2195-2205 2295-2305
SLIM door opening, mm 2077-2087 2177-2187 2277-2287

Use our configurator for a more detailed selection of doors.


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