PVC flooring

PVC flooring is a durable and budget friendly solution. Homogeneous pvc flooring is best known and builds trust thanks to the same material throughout. Heterogeneous pvc, on the other hand, has a stronger surface and has a wider range of decors. Adding a softening base layer dampens the step echo and improves acoustics. In both technical solutions, the surface of Gerflor flooring is treated and does not require waxing throughout the operation.

LVT flooring is an alternative to laminate parquet and other wooden floors thanks to the size of the tile or plank and very lifelike-looking decor.

SPM creates solutions to protect walls with handrails, bumper rails and corner fuses.

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In the fight against the virus, materials used in space also play an important role, as the life span of the virus can vary greatly depending on the surface. Handrails and walls are the primary contact area, but the virus can also spread from the floor in a number of cases, such as removing shoes, placing our carrier bag on the floor or moving in a room using a wheelchair. Gerflor Group has collaborated with virologists and achieved results following ISO 21702 standard, where the number of coronavirus in SPM handrails decreases by 99.9% after 2h and 99.7% on PVC floor coverings with surface treatment of Evercare or Protecsol. Gerflor’s solutions to fight the virus will help us stay healthy.