The company Societa’ Italiana Lastre Spa was founded in 1961 to produce corrugated  cement sheets and since 1973 produces flat fiber cement panels (Silbonit®) for the prefabricated building industry.

Silbonit® panels are made of silica, cement and  reinforced with mineralised cellulose fibres. These raw materials are compacted in autoclave, thus achieving Durability Class A and Strenght Class 5  according to EN12467.  Fire Classification is  A2-s1,d0. Silbonit® panels are therefore non-combustible and also resistant to rot, vermine or funghi and more resistant to mechanical stresses that ordinary fiber cement panels (Strenght Class 3).

Silbonit® is produced in standard size 1200×2500 mm and 1200×3000 mm in thicknesses from 6 to 12 mm. When used as a fassade cladding the standard thickness is 8 mm for visible mechanical and  starting from 8  mm for invisible fixing through undercut anchors. Silbonit® is available in 12 through-colored shades and with 2 different surface treatments: a simple hydrophobation or a coating with UV-cured transparent varnish that beside waterproofness, improves wear and stain resistance and allows also for an easier removal of graffiti. This varnish gives the surface a slightly glossy finish, while the simple hydrophobation does not alter the natural colour.

All 12 colors are available either with Standard sanded finishing, the Groove surface which reminds of wood texture or the Stripes surface characterised by continuos lines which remind of an assembly of wooden planks.  3 colors are furthemore available with the special rustic and irregular looking Surface finish.


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