Looking at the catalogues of ceramic tile producers can be a disappointing experience, because many companies just copy paste what the trend setters succesfully develop. This is not the case of Ceramiche Settecento who has always distinguished itself for the originality of its designs.

Let’s take for instance wood imitation ceramic tiles, a design theme that basically every manufacturer has included into the range. Settecento interprets this theme in an original way with series like the carpeted WOOD DESIGN or SQUARE, with its combination of wood and marble.

Another popular design theme of the last couple years has focused on hexagon-shaped tiles. Settecento’s take on it comes in the form of serie MATIERE, which plays on the raw texture of the tiles and not just on their shape or color to create original wall decoration.

Sometimes however there’s no need to re-invent the wheel so when it comes to the rustic style of an old country house floor there’s nothing better than reproducing with modern techniques traditional materials to perfection like serie PROXI admirably achieves.


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