Located in the Basque Country, Prodema Natural Woods SL manufactures wood composite panels for both exterior (ProdEX range) and interior (ProdIN range) installations. Wood composite panels combine the esthetical qualities of natural wood with the superior durability and technical characteristics of HPL construction (high mechanical resistance, resistance against termites, resistance to thermal shocks, high impact resistance, etc.). Since Prodema uses natural wood veneers and not industrially printed decor papers like standard HPL, eventual variations in colour, shade or shine or the presence of knots or small holes are to be considered an expression of the uniqueness of its natural decoration and not a defect.

In case of Prodema ProdEX panels is the UV-protective PVDF film is chemically bonded to the the melamine layer creating an inseparable union at molecular level.

ProdEX panels have 10 years guarantee but Xenon lamp tests (used to simulate ageing in outdoor exposure) show a resistance against discoloration of up to 10000-15000 hrs depending on the colour. This effectively translates in a 20-30 years guarantee period against discoloration.

Standard size for ProdEX panels is 2440×1220 mm, in thickness of 8 mm (visible fixing) and 10-12 mm (concealed fixing).

The panels must be installed in a ventilated facade  construction (i.e. with an air gap between the rear side of the panels and the insulation layer) using either exterior grade wood or metallic profiles for the support structure. Panels are then fastened to the beams/profiles by means of screws, rivets or undercut anchors for invisble fixing.


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