Nadis Design was born from the desire to find the essence of what really matters. They got rid of anything redundant in order to focus on the quality and properties of the materials. Their range includes ceramic tiles, cement tiles and partition elements made from terracotta. Design is part of their DNA. Being practical and with a strong critical mind, they create products that fit into a modern, minimalist environment.

Galdana collection offers timeless beauty, inspired from the purity of nature. 4 earthly tones and 3 surface structures are available in 11 different sizes, that offer possibilities to cover both walls and floors.

Pols series comes out of nostalgia for terrazzo and passion for Mediterranean sand beaches, characterized by soft pastel tones and shimmering seashell fragments. The serie is the first collaboration project with the interior designer Francesc Rifé and his Barcelona studio. Following traditions linked to craftsmanship, the designer focuses his work on ways of approaching materials honesty and geometric proportions.
Sembra collection has been inspired by recycled and biodegradable paper, wheat bran and seeds. Designer Jorge Herrera’s approach is characterized by a clear search for balance through simplicity, functionality and beauty. The pillars of his style are also reflected in this collection, which evokes the perfect balance between innovation and naturalness.
Collection Croma holds 7 bold colors and intense variations, which define the vibrant and optimistic character of the 15×15 sized tiles.

Ginza  cement tiles are foreseen to cover interior walls. The 10×20 size material charms with its authentic tones and silky surface, both typical for cement. Richness and personality can be added with decor tiles.

The material of Roberta and Matilda partition elements is terracotta, which has unsurpassed aesthetic and functional properties. Elements made of clay do not collect dust, are free of mold and bacteria and are pleasantly warm to touch. The modular and artisan nature allows for the creation of various compositions and infinite decorative solutions.


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