Ragno, part of the Marazzi group, was founded in 1949 and is thus one of the oldest and best-known Italian ceramic tile brands. Several other Italian ceramic tile manufacturers belong to the same Marazzi group, including the name baerer Marazzi himself.
You can think of ceramic tiles in terms of the enviroment where the tiles will be installed or in terms of the look the tiles should have. Ragno website provides a useful filter that helps to find the product that matches to all of those needs. In case of floor tiles, it is important to check not only the surface strength but also the slip resistance. The new innovative StepWiseTM technology ensures that the tiles are non-slip and safe to use, complying with all regulations, but at the same time having the surface that is pleasing to touch and easy to clean.
Another important innovation is the Clean Out antibacterial protection. The silver-based additive is incorporated into the ceramic manufacturing process prior to firing at 1200 °C and is therefore an integral part of the product, which does not wear off in time. This innovative treatment eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and microbes, removes unpleasant odors, improves surface cleanlines, is safe for humans and animals and also in contact with food.

Storie collection is a tribute to the history of ceramics, bringing together several small-size series of tiles with hand-crafted aesthetic. Although the material takes inspiration from the history, it has a contemporary look and is produced with the most modern technology.

Incanto series brings together luxury marbles in a selection of large slabs and traditional sized tiles. A total of 7 different sizes, from 30×60 to the elegant form of 120×278 cm.

Eterna is a stone-look collection with soft shades and subtle patterns where evocations of sea-shells and pieces of marble add movements to the uniform surface. It is a material for modern and bright spaces in home environment and commercial locations.

Ossimori is a new wood-look collection with the extra matt surface gives a very realistic appearance and highlights the true beauty of the wood.

Ragno product range also includes outdoor tiles.


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