The company Litokol was founded in Italy in 1968 to produce adhesives for the building industry. Since its inception the company has focused on product development and internationalisation, the first leading in 2004 to the launch of the revolutionaly Starlike® epoxy sealant, the second to the opening of production plants in Russia (2002), Armenia (2009) and China (2012).

Starlike® is a two-part acid resistant epoxy mortar for the installation and grouting of ceramic tiles and mosaics. Its high mechanical strenght, the very low water absorption and the  high chemical resistance and the easy cleanability make it the ideal choice for bathroom, kitchens, terraces or swimming pools.  Available in a  variety of  colors that will remain stable and uniform throughout all the service life, Starlike® is also available with additives that give a glittery effect (Spotlight), a metallic look (Galaxy), a gold sparkle (Gold) or a photoluminiscent effect (Night Vision).


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