Lea Ceramiche is among the world most distinctive and creative manufacturer of ceramic tiles. In the last few years it has extablished a cooperation with renowned designers such as Diego Grandi (Guzzini, Brunello Cuccinelli), Patrick Norguet (Christian Dior, Guerlain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Renault, MOMA New York) or Lenny Kravitz Design for the styling of its collections and with world-famous architects like Zaha Hadid (Water Sport pavillion for London Olimpics 2012, BMW office complex in Leipzig, Chanel Mobile Art in Hong Kong) and Fabio Novembre (headquarters of FC Milan including Mondo Milan museum and Cucina Milanello restaurant) for innovative applications in their projects. The collaboration with Ferrucio Lavian (art director of Kartell, Flos, Moroso and interior designer for companies like Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Emilio Pucci, Zara, Citroen, Renault, Swarovski, Veuve Cliquot, Hansgrohe and others) has resulted in the MASTERPIECE, collection, in which the Master is inspired by concrete and Piece represents retro-toned terrazzo. The colors and creativity combines to create an ceramic alphabet with which to compose a personal masterpiece.
Good product design doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or sofisticated, nature is a great artist as proven by the serie SYNESTESIA, which captures the enchanting beauty of natural marbles and reproduces it as a technically perfect ceramic material. Large (up to 120×278 cm) tiles offer new and unprecedented prospects for architecture and interior. The high technical level of the material together with the antibacterial effect of Protect® technology makes these floor and wall coverings healthy and safe.
The symbiosis of various types of stones and marbles in the ANTHOLOGY collection results in 5 strong and unmistakable personalities, 5 materials with different shades, which testify to an ambitious challenge, to emulate the inexhaustible creativity of nature.
Original design can be due to shape as much as to color, as shown by the trapezoids of serie WATERFALL , which allow you to create different pattern combinations. The larger the dimensions of the slab, the better the flowing pattern and surface structure characteristic of the slate become apparent.
NEXTONE enchants with its earthy tones and the restrained beauty of natural stone, complemented by delicate engraving-like patterns.
The CONCRETO series, created for Lea Ceramiche by architect Fabio Novembre, is a symbol of modern architecture and glorifies the beauty of concrete.


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