Kronos Ceramiche has earned their worldwide recognition for combining the in-outdoor already 25 years ago, when the choice of garden paving materials was dull and unrealted to indoor coverings. Thanks to the company’s close relationship with architects and developers, it realised well ahead of time that lifestyle and building trends were changing, with increasing openings towards the outdoors and nature. The large windows designed into new homes were placing floor coverings and pavings in physical contact, so it was essential to provide products that spoke the same language “total look” and could dialogue without clashing. Today, the product range has expanded from coverings to furniture and design elements, where the possibilities of use and the concept of “Interior Garden” break the boundaries between the exterior and interior.
Every customer can be a part of the creative process and have bespoke special pieces that meet their architectural desires. The K-LAB service offers the opportunity to produce sinks, furniture, flower tubes, stairs and other elements according to the customer’s wishes and dimensions. The entire range of Kronos ceramic tiles in either 6, 10 or 20 mm thickness can be used as a material, creating bespoke items that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Having roots in a land where the value of ceramic tile is part of the culture of people, innovation has been born from traditions. By adding craftsmanship to industrial production, the product becomes unique and reveals a historical secret: the beauty of imperfection. Spakko is a special process carried out on the edges to create such distinctive irregular look, combining in itself history and innovation. The front surface of the tile is broken manually, but the back of the plate is cut straight and with precision to allow easy installation.
Kronos ceramic tiles are outstanding for its true-to-life appearance, the freshness of its colours and surfaces and the exceptional performance data. Everything is temporary in this material world, but the Kronos team strives to create durable and useful products not only for today but also for future generation. The ceramic tiles they create do not follow fashion trends, but bring out the true nature of the ceramic tile.


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