Frevini, as a flooring design studio, tries to stand out from the usual mass production. The flooring is where art and parquet are joined as an important tool. Comparing it with art is quite appropriate, as the herringbone parquet or the wide oak board determines the personality and style of the room. The warmth of the wood makes the room cozy and the wide range of shades enables unlimited possibilities in the design. Frevini is a place where good ideas are born. In cooperation with designers, new colors and finishing options are being sought, as well as unique approaches to accomplish a stylish interior. Frevini parquet uses oak as the base material, which is tinted in a wide range of colors. Darker shades are achieved by a smoking technology, the darker the shade, the stronger the wood is smoked. This method ensures the full colouring of the oak and when the surface gets damaged, the material in the same shade is visible from below, this way the damage does not stand out. The choice of shades fits into any interior style, thus a modern and contemporary home or a dignified and classic villa can be born. Depending on the colour, the surface is finished with either UV oil or matt lacquer, is either brushed or smooth. Honey, Lava, Fossil, Devon, Cookie, Seashell, Grace, Ombre have become customers’ favourites.

Parquet is produced as a tailors work and each colour can be ordered in the whole range of sizes: oak boards in widths 152, 192, 242 mm and extra wide board of 300 mm, herringbone parquet in widths 70, 90, 120 mm and an exquisite French herringbone or Chevron 45º in wider strips. Every project is a challenge that makes the Frevini team develop and meet the expectations of the market, in a desire to achieve breathtaking interiors, to fulfill the dreams of customers and to create a happy home. The product colour range is available on Frevinis web-site.


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