Fragment mosaic tiles were born from a passion for design and interiors, combining traditional material with modern form. You don’t have to shout to be noticed was the motto of the creators, and so Fragmenti’s kit-kat mosaic offers restrained and genuine beauty.

Cotto’s materials are EARTH and WATER, which achieves its shape after pressing and shaping. AIR helps to remove excess moisture during the 42 hour drying period. FIRE gives the material its character and strength.

Fragmenti’s Cotto has its roots in the Tuscany region, in the valleys of the Ema and Greve rivers, where Galestro clay is found, which gives the material its unique color and excellent technical properties. Brushing the dried tiles cleans the traces of pressing and gives cotto its characteristic brushed surface and natural appearance.

Fragmenti’s mosaics Corto and Lungo arrive installed on a net with a 2mm joint gap. The larger sizes 48×148 and 48×298 are packed loose and are more suitable for floor installation. Since cotto is not a frost-resistant material, it must not be installed outdoors in the Estonian climate.

When the mosaic arrives, there may be whitish spots on its surface, which is a peculiarity of the material and needs to be removed with an acidic agent after installing the material. To ensure easy maintenance, we recommend covering the cotto surface with a special protective treatment and, on floors, also with wax. Please read the installation and maintenance instructions to ensure an eye-catching interior.


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