The italian company ARPA INDUSTRIALE is a manufacturer of interior grade HPL (high pressure laminate) a material with outstanding properties (hydro-repellent, easy to clean, anti-bacterial, mold-resistant, anti-static, thermally stable, wear resistant, light-fast and with a hight chemical resitance. HPL is used for the finishing of furnitures, doors, window sills or for the realization of interior wall liners, toilet cubicles, changing room lockers, hanging ceiling and so on.

Arpa focuses on creative design and product innovation, launching several new collections every year. Among the last born, the Silverlam range with glass-encapsulated silver ions incorporated into the surface, that have the effect of destroying harmful bacterias and preventing the growth of moulds, funghi and other allergenic organic substances. Approved for food contact, Silverlam is the ideal choice for every environment where the highest hygenical standards are requested such as hospitals, kindergardens, kitchens, etc.

The latest development is the Fenix NTM serie, which owing to the use of nano-technology on its face layes offers an extremely soft-touch matt surface which resists fingerprints and allows the thermal healing of microscratches.

Arpa offers thin laminate (thickness 0,6-1,5 mm) and compact hpl (thickness 2-30 mm) in a very vast range of over 500 decors between unicolors, stone and wood imitations, fantasy and metallic. Arpa standard sizes are 2440×1220, 3050×1300, 4200×1300, 3200×1600, 4200×1600 and up to 4300×1850 mm.


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