Appiani is one of the oldest ceramic tile producers in the world, the company having been founded in 1873. In 1993 Appiani introduced its exclusive „monopressocottura“ (sigle-press firing) production technology for glazed tiles. The resulting material has low water absorption (<1%) and is therefore suitable for use as swimming pool mosaic covering, both indoor and outdoor being frostproof. The surface can be smooth or with an a slip-resistant R11B finish that make it the ideal choice for sauna and shower-room floors.

Serie ANTHOLOGIA and SETA offer a vast palette of uni-colors to be used individually or in pre-mixed mosaic patterns of which there are literally hundreds !. In serie METALLICA real metal chips are added to the ceramic glaze creating mesmerizing plays of light reflection.

The hardness of the surface glaze depends from the colour, with some being suitable only for residential use and others of more universal application even in commercial areas.


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