Parquet and cork

Parquet as a floor covering is a great choice, but choosing the right product is not always such an easy task. Traditionally, parquet consisted of solid wood flags or boards, but they have increasingly been replaced by industrial 2- or 3-layer parquet, where the surface has already received its protective treatment and the installation process is fast. Wood as a natural material expands and shrinks, but the largest movement is in the longitudinal direction. In the construction of a multi-layer product, opposing forces help to stabilize the parquet. The wide oak board has a very exclusive look, but it is important to take into account that the width also adds to the price and the cracks caused by shrinking the parquet are wider.

The choice of surface finish is also the subject of much debate. Varnished parquet is more resistant to scratches and dirt, but at the same time it is difficult to repair injuries. Wood with an oiled surface is the right choice for a person who appreciates authenticity, who is not disturbed by the traces of living reflected on the floor, and this floor needs simpler but regular maintenance.

Cork parquet surprises with comfort, being pleasantly warm and soft when stepped on. The elasticity and heat retention capacity of the cap make it an ideal floor for a bedroom or children’s room.

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