Carpeting is a popular choice as a flooring material for office buildings and hotels due to its many advantages.

Comfort, symbolized by warmth and softness, is definitely the first reason to choose a rug. Acoustics, carpet dampens the footsteps and improves the overall acoustics of the room. Safety, falling is softer and things don’t break so easily. Slip resistance, due to the high coefficient of friction of the carpet. Health, the carpeted room breathes better because the carpet binds dust and allergens. Quick maintenance, this may seem surprising, but vacuuming a carpet requires only one procedure and is faster than hard floor maintenance.

The gallery of exciting patterns suitable for hotels can be found in Radic’s selection, where the carpet can also be ordered with a company logo or personal pattern. The wide range of colors of single-colored velour carpets is also outstanding. The tile carpet is at the forefront of the Burmatex product range, while Radici has also surprised with a couple of exciting series. Our consultants will help you make your choices.