VIA TERRAZZO  is a German company offering a range of both standard and individually decorated cement tiles (also called hydraulic tiles or encaustic tiles). Its original product range is born from the union of Tradition and Innovation, from the love of History and the free play of contemporary creativity with old design pattern.

On the footsteps of the Firma Emil Carius, who over a 100 years ago, in the midst of the Belle Epoque, offered decorated cement-mosaic tiles to the architects who characterized the Jugendstil and Liberty period, VIA TERRAZZO has made extensive research into the decoration motifs used in historical buildings throughout the world,  reuniting them in its standard production range.

However its manufacturing technique is perfectly suited to the production of  personalized decorations,  such as might be needed for conservative renovations of historic buildings, when it is necessary to reproduce the patters of the old floors.

As versatile as this manufacturing technique is, it also has some unavoidable limitations:   the delivery time can be long (up to 4-5 months) and the surface must necessarily and regularly impregnated with a protective oil  to prevent staining.


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