La Pietra Compatata is a mixture of natural stones: porphyry, quartz and granite, which are crushed and mixed with cement and color pigments into an innovative mixture and then pressed. The decorative surface and high technical characteristics of the compacted tiles allow them to be used as floor and wall coverings both indoors and outdoors.

La pietra Compatata has passion for materials, innovation and the environment. The ecological choice is not only the appearance, but a company responsibility. In order to eliminate CO2 emissions and polluting substances, the raw materials are recovered from stone industries, the tiles do not need to be burned in an oven, but simply dried, the use of recycled water, the re-use of waste products from the production process. By building today with ecological materials, we improve our future, is their conviction.

The Cromie collection with 20 colors is divided between 2 surfaces: Compact – modern look, smooth surface and even edges. Consolare – aged surface and manual process, rounded edges.

The Pigmento collection complements the previous one with floral nuances, reflecting hope, optimism, kindness and tenderness.

The color range of the Pietre collection originates from natural stones. The Naturale surface has an even shade and uniform to the touch. The surface of Fiammata is wavy, as if flamed.

A versatile selection of sizes and shapes offers opportunities for creating patterns and compositions, examples of which can be found in the Likeabee, Formae and Ri_Tagli lines. Creativity is not limited here: the size, color, shape or surface pattern depends only on the customer’s imagination and plans. A personalized La PIetra Compatata product is possible even if the quantity is quite small.


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