Imar SA, a company of Grupo Nuetalia based in a suburb of Bilbao (Spain) is a specialized metal fabricator. Since IMAR developed as a component manufacturer for industrial users (among its customer are i.e. Tyssen Group, Airbus, Land Rover, etc.), which impose very strict quality controls and tight tolerances, it found itself in position of technical advantage when it started to offer product also for architectural application.

Imar can deliver any type of metal, from aluminum to zinc passing from copper, steel and titanium. Imar processes include cutting, folding, bending, stretching, punching, embossing and of course color coating. Imar can therefore offer not only solid metal sheets but also perforated sheets, metal meshes of various kinds and cassettes.

Peforated sheets and meshes are of particular interest since beside their esthetical function they can be used to effectively improve ventilation, offer privacy to interiors and to provide shading from sun light at the same time.


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