Moab80 bathroom furniture uses unconventional materials to enhance its personality, such as reinforced glass, stretched sheet netting, recycled wood sourced from old scaffolding and combined with metal sheets to achieve stable furniture, a patented prefinito cemento finish and other exciting features.

Bathroom furniture, whose design code is simplicity and all product lines are based on this, finding their face through the choice of materials and harmony.

Stylistically, the manufacturer’s bathroom solutions, with more than 30 years of experience, vary from modern classics, combining copper, concrete and marble to an industrial approach dominated by reinforced glass, metal, recycled wood and concrete.

The Moab80 collections include both built-in and stand-alone sinks, bathroom furniture and a wide range of accessories, including lamps, mirrors and holder systems. The colors and finishes are transparent throughout the collections, so they can be easily combined. Custom colors and furniture sizes are all possible.

Suitable faucets for Moab80 bathroom furniture can be found in the Cea design selection.

Completed works: Bathroom in Kakumäe house


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