Flexibrick ceramic fabric is an innovative material that provides an opportunity to create unique and durable building facades that catch the eye and make the everyday urban environment more artistic and interesting. The main feature of this material is its ability to bend and adapt to different architectural forms. The ceramic tiles are placed on a steel wire mesh, which can be up to 20 m long and allows the use of ceramics to create building facades without having to be limited to rigid and traditional tile solutions. Great creative freedom is offered by the possibility to choose the pattern, material, shape and color of the net suitable for each specific project.

Flexbrick installation is easy and fast. It does not need a traditional frame measured in place, as it hangs straight by its own weight. Installation is similar to hanging a curtain. Flexbrick only needs stainless factory mounting profiles and anchors and a waterproof and insulated wall behind it, finishing the building with a durable and weatherproof screen that can cover the entire facade and extend from the closed wall over the window openings.

The possibilities of using the Flexbrick material are not limited to the facade. Paving is as easy as unrolling a carpet and is suitable for both the home garden and high-traffic areas and city squares. Paving does not require curbs and allows integration with the lawn and surrounding landscaping. Flexbrick helps to create exciting forms in garden design in the form of pergolas and sun screens, and has also proven its strength and durability as a roofing material. It is easy to cover curved roof surfaces or create roof greenery with this fabric.


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