Armonie by Arte Casa

Whether you are looking for ceramic tiles to renovate your foyer or for a new mosaic to redecorate your bathroom,  whether you need a new floor for your terrace or for the facade of your office, you will find the suitable product in Armonie Arte Casa new 688 pages General Catalogue because Armonie has it all !

From fresh colorful series for residential areas like Tresor, Maison, Loft, Fresh, Trend, Atelier, Memory or the minimalistic Vogue, Diva, Incanto, Urban, Crystal to full body porcelain stoneware series, suitable even for the most demanding high traffic commercial areas like Bora, Icon, Scirocco or Urano, available in a gradation of beige, brown and grey colours. To the classic lover will appeal the glossy marbled finish of serie Romantica and Prestige,  while excellent ceramic wood can be found in serie Timber, Lignum and Silk Wood.

Armonie also offers innovative product lines such as the serie Lastre, an unglazed porcelain stoneware material produced with a continuos extrusion process that allows to produce slabs up to size 100×300 cm in just 3 mm thickness, ideal to renovate an old tiled surface without demolishing it. Another innovative product is the serie Technostone which combines a 7 mm thick natural marble surface with a 3mm porcelain stoneware support. The result is a 10 mm thick marble tile with only half the weight (27,5 Kg/m2) of a fully natural marble tile, that to have the same technical characteristics should be 20 mm thick. Finally the serie Moonlight, made by combining 50% glass, 40% quartz and 10% resin in Breton vibrocompacting machines to produces an astonishing shiny surface that can be used both for wall and floor decoration.

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