Grazia distinguish itself for the classic elegance and sobriety of its products which are developed along the lines of a decorative tradition that pays attention to details. In a word Grazia tiles have “class”! Classicism doesn’t exclude innovation though as proven by its reinterpretation of the traditional boiserie wall decoration in serie EPOQUE proposed in the unusual 20×80 cm format. Equally blending tradition and innovation is serie FORMAE, which offers glossy 13×26 cm wall tiles suitable for both classic and contemporary interiors. Our clients also love the serie ESSENZE+ with its small sizes (13×13 and 6,5×13 cm) and craquele finish, which suits classic bathrooms as well as Art Nouveau or shabby-chic interiors. And for renovations of historical premises let’s not forget the serie OLD ENGLAND in full body porcelain gres, which includesas well octagon shaped tiles.


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