Norwegian born Boen has been working with wood since 1641 and is one of top global parquet manufacturers whose products are sold and appreciated worldwide. Mass-scale production allows Boen to have excellent price/quality ratio for both small and large projects.

True to its Scandinavian heritage are Boen core values of sustainability and respect for the environment, with over 95% of its raw materials coming from certified and regenerable European forestry. Boen limits the use of precious hardwood to the top layer, the middle and base layer are in fast-growing spruce and pine wood. Wood chips and wood dust created during production are re-used in the factory heating system.The range of Boen parquet is extremely wide, going from 3-strip compositions to full width Planks in 138 and 181 mm and including also 1-strip planks and listels that can be installed as herringbone patterns. Very popular are also the Chalet and Chaletino floors in 300 mm width. The wood essences used by Boen are Ash, Beech, Cherry, Canadian Maple, American Walnut and Oak, further diversified by a wide variety of finishes obtained by smoking or the application of different types of coatings, the most popular among our customers being the Live Pure and Live Matt laquers and Live Natural oil. Boen range can also be arranged according to style, subdividing the products among Nordic-Scandinavian light and clear colors, Rustic lively and natural looking designs, Classic calm and elegant patterns and Urban innovative design solutions.


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