Wicanders is the brand used by the Amorim Group for its range of floor and wall cork-based coverings. The Amorim Group is one of the largest and oldest (ext. 1870) multinationals of Portugal, with business stretching from cork stoppers for wine bottles (a market in which Amorim is world leader) to composite-cork insulators for industrial electrical power plants. The cork oak tree is at the core of Amorim business, the group owning thousands of hectares plantations and environmental care and sustainability are its core values because the cork oak is a tree whose bark can be first harvested in the 22nd year of its life and then every 9 years for several centuries.

Wicanders CORKTECH floors have many advantages : noise reduction thank to cork sound absorption properties; impact resistance thanks to the elasticity of cork’s honeycomb cellular structure (which means that not only cork will be undamaged by the fall of heavy objects, but also that the object itself will not suffer damage, think for example at a dish falling on you kitchen floor); walking comfort due to cork inherent flexibility and resilience under compression; thermal insulation owning again to the cork’s honeycomb structure whose cells are naturally filled with air. Cork is also a natural fire retardant as it burns without a flame.

Another very popular Wicanders range is HYDROCORK, low thickness floor boards for floating installation which are 100% waterproof and can therefore be used is all areas of the house, including bathroom and kitchens. Amorim is so convinced of the quality of its HYDROCORK that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Finally cork is also ideal for wall application on which it can be easily glued directly thanks to its very light weight (only 0,16 g/cm3) and Wicanders DECKWALL range offers you the widest selection of possible decors.


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