Art Diffusion textured interior panels are manufactured using patented technology developed by Interlam Inc in the USA. Art Diffusion panels are used for interior decoration of partition walls, doors, desk counters and furnitures and signage.

Standard panels are made of MDF, but on demand special MDF (fire retardant, marine grade), HDF, solid wood or metacrylate (plexiglass) are also available. The surface is carved by a laser router which sculpts the surface with holes, slots, waves and patterns that give a true impression of movement. The panels can be delivered in raw MDF, to be locally painted,  or pre-varnished with paints, metallic film or even gold and silver foil.

The laser-carved design pattern (called texture) can be developed horizontally (when the carving is done along the shortest side of the panel) or vertically (when the carving is done along the longest side of the panel). This definition refers to the carving direction, not to the direction in which the panel is installed. The wave textures are realized in such a way to insure their continuity in all directions  when several panels are installed next to each other.

Size of standard panels is 1220×2440 mm but panels up to size 1525×3050 mm are possible depending on the type of material. Thickness can vary between 10 and 40 mm depending on the texture.

Panels of at least 13 mm thickness are typicaly installed with screws or Z-clips directly on the supporting surface. To reduce the unavoidable deformation (edge curling) created by  carving process (due to the different tensions on the front and rear faces), panels must always be painted on both sides.


File formats: jpg, png, pdf, dwg. Max file size 10MB.