There are many parquet and hardwood floors on the market, but Canadian owned Coswick has recently imposed itself as an innovator and trendsetter, standing out for the originality and the high technical quality of its production. The high quality of Coswick floors rests on several innovations. The base and middle core layers of its parquet are made of birch instead of the usual spruce; birch hardness is much closer to that of the top layer (oak, ash or American walnut) and this, together with the increase of the base layer thickness, provides the perfect symmetry and balance to the construction eliminating all risks of the floor boards warping in case of temperature and humidity fluctuations. Another innovation is the insertion of cork strips into the middle layer with the purpose of absorbing eventual humidity and thus reducing stress in the middle layer, improving stability. Yet another innovation is the use of a polyurethanic hot-melt adhesive to bond the 3 layers of parquet, an extra strong water-resistant and highly elastic glue that prevents layer delamination even in the event the floor is flooded and fully submerged. Coswick has also improved the functionality of the click-system eliminating unwanted plank movement or squeaking noises. Last but not the least Coswick has improved on the traditional lacquering technique with the use of nanotechnologies, by adding extremely hard wearing corundum nano particles to its 12-layer UV-cured coating, so that CosNanoTech+ laquer comes with a factory warranty of 25 years of service. For those who prefer a more natural surface, that allows the feeling of wood veins and fibers, the Silk Oil finish is recommended.

Beside these technical innovations, Coswick distinguish itself for the vast range of colors (over 80 !) among hardwoods and smoked and thermo-modified woods. In addition to traditional planks, Coswick also offers a unique line of mosaic floors in various shapes, sizes and patterns including modules, herringbone and chevron.

Almost every product in Coswick range is available both as engineered 3-layer parquet and in solid hardwood planks.