The company Societa’ Italiana Lastre Spa was founded in 1961 to produce corrugated  cement sheets and in 1973 started producing flat fiber cement panels (Silbonit®) for the prefabricated building industry.

Silbonit® panels are made of silica, cement and  reinforced with mineralised cellulose fibres. These raw materials are compacted in autoclave, thus achieving Durability Class A and Strenght Class 5  according to EN12467.  Fire Classification according to the same norm is  A2-s1,d0. Silbonit® panels are therefore non-combustible, resistant to rot, vermine or funghi and more resistant to mechanical stresses that ordinary fiber cement panels (Strenght Class 3).

Silbonit® is produced in standard size 1200×2500 mm and 1200×3000 mm in thicknesses from 6 to 30 mm. When used as a fassade covering the standard thickness is 8 mm for visible mechanical fixing and 15 mm for invisible fixing through undercut anchors. Silbonit® is available in 8 colours and with 2 different surface treatments: a simple hydrophobation or a coating with UV-cured transparent varnish that beside waterproofness, improves wear and stain resistance and allows also for an easier removal of graffiti. This varnish gives the surface a slightly glossy finish, while the simple hydrophobation does not alter the natural colour.

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