Polycon is a producer of glassfiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) from the Czech Republic. GCRC is a composite material made of sand, cement and special alkali resistant glassfibers  as reinforcing element. The use of fiberglass gives the material higher elasticity module and tensile strenght, allowing the production not only of flat panels but also of curved or formed parts in 3D, a feature very appreciated by architects and designers.

GFRC can have the characteristic concrete grey color and look or it can be thoroughly pigmented in a variety of earthly colors (white, anthracite, brick-red, light green, brown, beige) obtained using natural pigments.  With superficial (non thorugh-body) color coating it is otherwise possible to have any RAL or NCS color. Fire Classification of GFRC is A1.

Concrete is a porous material and the surface should therefore be treated for waterproofing and stain resistance, particularly if used outdoor. This hydrophobation treatment is done by the manufacturer. An optional impregnation treatment can be added for improved stain resistance and for the easier removal of graffiti. This treatment gives a satin (slightly shiny) look to the surface and can be applied either by the manufacturer  or also also later on site.

Polycon GFRC surface can be smooth, rough or textured in a wide variety of different shapes (for texture examples see http://www.reckli.net/strukturmatrizen.html?&L=5).  The surface can also be decorated with any standard or individually designed motif using the technique developed by Graphic Concrete® (see http://www.graphicconcrete.fi/)

Polycon GFRC is produced in the sizes requested by each project, eliminating any waste or trim cost.  Theoretically there is no maximum size, but in practical terms  panels larger than 1500×4200 mm are very difficult to handle and install.  Panel thickness depends from size and surface texture ; the standard thickness for flat panels is 13 mm.

Polycon GFRC concrete has a standard 5 years guarantee that can be extended to 10 years in certain cases.

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