Petra Antiqua

Petra Antiqua, meaning Ancient Stone, reveals its essential inspiration already in its name, which has attained status symbol level worldwide. Petra Antiqua offers indeed a wide variety antiqued stone tiles and decorative pieces : mosaics, bordures, trims, carpet compositions, rosoni, engraved and relief pieces are just a few among the many possibilities.

Petra Antiqua creations are hand-made following centuries old techniques such as in the Acqueforti collection, in which a decorative motif is etched with acid on the surface of a natural marble stone and then another variety of marble is inlaid into the grooves; alternatively precious metal based paints (gold, silver, copper) are poured into the grooves to create decorations as could be seen in the ornaments of gothic cathedrals or Renaissance palaces. The serie Lacche presents a range of mosaics with intense colors and geometricalor oriental decoration motifs. The past is however not the only source of inspiration for the company, who in the serie Neo Hedonism offers also 3D sculpted natural stone tiles and panels, with textures resembling for instance waves, barkprint, sinusoids among many others.

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