Pavigres- Grespor

From Portugal, the Pavigres group offers glazed and unglazed floor tiles respectively under the brands Pavigres and Grespor  and glazed wall tiles under the brand Cerev.

Among its most distinctive features  is the P21 program,  that offers to architects and interior designers a very complete range of plain color tiles – coordinated color shades from size 10×10 to 60×60 and 45×90 cm, glazed and unglazed,  matt, glossy or antislip surfaces,  solid or speckled decoration –  to play with in creative freedom.

For commercial, high traffic areas Grespor offers  quality full-body porcelain tiles in both standard designs (Technical Catalogue serie) and in more modern stone and cement look (series Mitologica Isis, Minos and Zeus) suitable also for residential use.  Through-body colored series like Alize, Cimento, Metropole, Native or Sand are a competitively priced choice for most projects.

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