Since 1954 the company founded by italian Alberto Nobili has focused on taps that combine the most advance technologies with efficient production and attractive design, optimizing the use of natural resources and minimizing the creation of waste in order to have a competitive price positioning in the global markets.

Advanced technological solutions characterize Nobili product range.  Techologies such as WIDD (Water Immersion Dry Disc), COAXIAL, THERMOTECH improve the  functionality of the water cartridges – the essential technical component of any tap –  by reducing calcar build-up  and minimizing water waste.  Technologies like ECOBRASS and ECOPLASTIC on the other hand focuses on the purity of the water quality, reducing the lead content in the brass body and using only food-safe  grade plastic and rubber components.

Nobili product range is divided in the professional and contract series  marketed under the brand Nobili proper and the design series united under the brand TekNobili.

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