Mosaico+ is a relatively new player on the mosaic scene, but it has already come a long way in establishing a solid reputation. Its range of product includes traditional enamel-glass mosaic but extends to flot-glas  mosaic (this is solid clear glass, that might be coloured through or have a coloured foil on the backside; the surface can be glossy, frosted or even structured)  in many forms and shapes.

But its most representative collection is perhaps the serie Dialoghi in which different materials (ceramic, glass, natural stone, wood, metals) are combined in unique patterns to form ultra-modern decorations.

Mosaico+ also operates the Mosaic Academy of Spilambergo that offers artistic mosaic made not with tesseras of equal dimensions, but with individually sized pieces of regular and irregular shape, making possible the realization of any type of image or composition.

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