Hisbalit is a Spanish company with over 45 year of experience in ceramic tiles production that has developed a heavy-duty glass mosaic that is very hard wearing (resisting even the most intense foot wear traffic), resistant to sudden temperature changes (thermal shocks) and totally inalterable in its color even after prolonged exposure to sunlight or rain.  It’s extremely low water absorption (< 0,1%) allows it to be used inside swimming pools and on outdoor applications (i.e. fassades). Hisbalit mosaics are available in different sizes (1×1, 2×2 and 4×4 cm squares, round and hexagonal shapes) smooth or  with different levels of slip resistance up to R13 B3. Hisbalit offers 4 different assembling methods for its mosaic sheets (paper, mesh, film and silicon) which are useful for specific applications. Among the specialty products there is a photoluminescent mosaic (Starlight) and digital mosaic (serie Identity only for indoor walls and serie Crystal for floor and walls including outdoor applications) in which the designer/final customer can choose the decorative image or pattern displayed.

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