Founded in Italy in 1970, Ceramiche Grazia devoted itself since its inception to the artisanal, craftman-oriented side of production, refusing to sacrifice its artistic creative principles to the logic of mass production. Its manufacturing technique for glazed tiles therefore is still the slower, more costly because less productive double-firing, which however delivers superior aesthetic results, as can be appreciated in the richness of its glaze and in the irregularity of the glaze line giving an unfinished hand-made look to its products; or also in the extruded pieces of its decors, trims and moulds, cast by hand in clay moulds before firing, with which Grazia offers the architect and home designer the possibility to create works of art in the finest details.

Series like New Classics, Epoque, Rixi, Boiserie or Essenze  express the more classic designs and decorations (boiseries, chaptels, friezes), while Vintage, Formae or Melange offer a modern interpretaton of classic colors and decoration shapes.

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