Max Exterior® is the brand name under which Austrian manufacturer FunderMax GmbH markets its compact HPL fassade panels available in a wide range of standard unicolors, wood imititions and patterned decors. It is also possible to order customized colors and decors.

Three different surface finish are available: standard (NT), matt (NM) and glossy (NG) all with excellent weather resistance owing to a propietary surface coating containing an UV-filter that can never delaminate.

Max Exterior® panels are manufactured using HPL (high pressure laminate) fabrication technology. The core of the panel consitutes of  kraft paper layers saturated with structural phenolic resin. On both sides there are decorative papers impregnated with amminic resins for higher clarity. The decorative paper is the coated with an acrilic-PU emulsion containing an UV-filter. The whole construction is then permanently stabilized by the combination of high pressure and heat.

Standard panel thickness is 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm depending from the fixing system to be used.  Panel standard sizes are 2140×1060, 2800×1300, 4100×1300, 2800×1850, 4100×1850 mm.

The panels must be installed in a ventilated facade  construction (i.e. with an air gap between the rear side of the panels and the insulation layer) using either exterior grade wood or metallic profiles for the support structure. Panels are then fastened to the beams/profiles by means of screws, rivets or undercut anchors for invisble fixing.

MaxExterior® panels come with a 10 year factory guarantee.

Max Exterior® fire rating is B-s2, d0. A low smoke  (B-s1,d0) grade is available on demand.

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