Granitifiandre, as the full name of the company goes, started off  over 30 years ago with the mission to offer the highest quality full body  unglazed porcelain stoneware, the ceramic granit as it was than called for its hardness and resistance.

Fiandre natural stone inspired production, from the series New Stone, New Marble and New Granit as well as the more traditional serie Graniti and Tinte Unite have been used in countless commercial (shopping centers, office buildings, cinemas, etc.) and public projects (hospitals, airports, schools, etc.) due to their superior technical properties that can withstand even the most intense traffic. The New Stone-Marble-Granit range replicates almost perfectly the hues and visual depth of natural stones with the improved technical characteristic due to the higher homogeneity of its raw material and to the controlled conditions of its production process.

In recent years the company has started to develop products that combine the highest technical standards with non-stone looking design, producing minimalistic series like New Ground and Exential that cover the color palette of the various shades of black, white, beige and brown. The lastest developments are in the direction of very large sizes up to 3000×1500 mm based on continuos press technology, with several series grouped under the Maximum concept. Unique among them is the serie Precious Stones which combines a ceramic base  with a thin layer of synthetic resin to create the most astonishing deep color veins and hues recalling rare and exclusive natural materials such as amber, malachite, blue agathe and carnelian.

Another recent innovation is the ACTIVE ® TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) surface treatment available for some of its tiles. The photocatalytic TiO2 coating based on nano-technology destroys microorganisms (viruses, bacteria) and decomposes bad odors (garbage), harmful gases (CO from car escape gases).

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