Equitone is the new brand name under which the Belgian company Etex markets its flat fiber cement panels, to distinguish them from the other covering materials marketed under the generic name Eternit. Equitone fiber cement panels are made of cement, cellulose and mineral raw materials reinforced by a visible matrix, a completely natural material therefore, thin (8 or 12 mm) and lightweight to further reduce the impact on the environment in terms of raw material depletion and logistic costs.

Produced in standard net size 2500×1220 mm or 3050×1220 mm, Equitone is offered in four different varieties:

Natura panels are through-colored in natural earthly tones, with a subly visible fiber cement matrix; the surface can be  matt or silk-smooth.

Tectiva panels are also through colored with natural pigments but in this case the fiber cement structure is more evident than in the case of Natura and each panel will have a unique color shade, texture and surface.

Equitone Textura offers vivid color coatings, that are non-transparent (therefore the fiber matrix becomes invisible) and applied only to the surface, which acquires a scratch resistant orange peel finish.

Finally Pictura panels offer a wide selection of vivid and modern colors through a smooth, silky ultra-matt surface coating. Pictura panels are also treated with the PRO-UV coating for graffiti protection.

The edges of all Equitone panels must be impregnated with the protective sealer LUKO.  The treatment can be done by the manufacturer or also on site.

According to EN12467:2012, Equitone panels are classified in Durability Class A and Strenght Class 4  and  Fire Classification according to the same norm is  A2-s1,d0.



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