The company Elam Oy of Finland offers decorative fire retardant panels. The core of the panels is made with fireproof and moisture resistant cement bonded particleboard, the surface can be finished with natural wood and stone veneers, metallic foils, hpl laminate or simple paint.

Elam panels are suitable for both wall installation and suspended ceilings. The panels can present a solid structure or perforations to obtain specific acoustic effects. Elam offers 18 different standard types of perforated panels with holes or slots. The Linear and Mosaic range offers a variety of grooved surfaces. Other special products include Elam Form (MDF bent panels to cover angled surfaces), Elam Trellis (lattices for wall or ceilings), Elam Screen (frestanding partition screens for acoustical and visual separation of office spaces), Elam Interior (3mm thick veneered MDF panels for interior decoration).

Elam offers also a comprehensive range of fixing accessories and profiles for both wall panels and suspended ceilings.

Elam standard panel sizes are 2600×200-300-600-1200 mm, 1200×600-1200 mm, 600×600 mm; standard thickness 12 or 16 mm.

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