Casa Dolce Casa

The offer of CDC, a brand of the italian Florim Group, is divided in two sections with distinct personalities. The series under the CDC brand proper offer top quality porcelain stoneware tiles for both residential and commercial use, inspired from the natural stones that are part of the italian material culture.Thanks to the latest digital decorative technology, CDC tiles show the highest degree of stonalization, replicating the uniqueness of the natural process. The most representative serie are Belgique, Pietra Mediterranea and Pietre 2.

The other CDC brand is called Casa Mood and offers a unique global decoration concept that unites unglazed floor tiles, glazed single-fire wall tiles of the highest quality (maiolica), hand-broken glass mosaic and listels, wall paints and joint fillers, all in the same basic tonalities to create a modern looking perfectly balanced environment in your living or working spaces.

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