Bisazza has the same relationship to glass mosaic as Piaggio’s Vespa has with scooters or that Apple’s iPod as with portable music devices: the company brand name identifies with the product, because Bisazza created enamel-glass mosaic in its modern form and made it popular worldwide. Although there are nowadays dozens of producers and imitators, the original Bisazza mosaic still has that little something extra: its Mixes range is wider, its individual colors are more intense, more pure and crisp, the finishing of the mosaic sheets is more accurate, more precise. And when the individual tesserae (chips) are combined together, Bisazza has a unique and inimitable range of  Decors and decorations motifs that, like  other fashion objects, change every year taking inspirations from the leading colors, patterns and trends that create the style of a certain period of time and later become classics like the Damasco decors or the Pied de Poule or the Paisley.  Than there is serie Opus Romano, a 1x1x1 cm unicolor mosaic that  is so hard wearing and resistant that can be installed even in commercial high traffic areas, without loosing its elegance and decorative properties.

In cooperation with iconic designer Marcel Wanders, Bisazza introduced in 2013 a sofisticated collection of geometrically decorated exagonal ceramic tiles on black and white base, the serie Frozen Garden.  Wanders also signed one of the luxury sanitary and bathroom furniture collections presented under the BISAZZA BAGNO brand.   The cooperation with designers to style its mosaics, bathroom and tiles production includes also series signed by creative talents  such as Carlo Dal Bianco, Marco Braga, Tord Bontije, Jaime Hayon and the Nendo Studio among others.

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