Atlas Concorde

The italian owned Concorde Group is a world leading ceramic tile producer with 45 years experience in the field. A truly international group with over 2200 employees and state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Italy and Russia and logistic centers in USA and China.

All Atlas Concorde wall tiles are produced as high quality white-body ceramic but can be stylistically divided in three main groups: soft and pastel colors (series Ambition and Plenitude in 30,5×91,5 cm, Sublime in 40×80 cm, Radiance and View in 30,5×56 cm and yet smaller formats series like Line Design, Way and Cementi 10×10);  colorful  end energetic (series Intensity 30,5×91,5 cm, Magnifique 40×80 cm, Adore and Gioia in 30,5×56 cm and Vivace in 25×45 cm); classic and marbled (series Marvel 30,5×91,5 cm and 30,5×56 cm,  Admiration 40×80 and Promise 25×45 cm).

The floor tile offer, offering a vast range of sizes from 10×10 cm to 90×90 cm and 60×120 cm, is divided in glazed and unglazed porcelain stoneware serie, suitable for both residential and commercial areas, with a few collections of single-fire technology restricted to residential use.  Some floor series offer a coordinated range of wall tiles in just 4,8 mm thickness (i.e Spark, Studio, Evolve).

Stylistically floor tiles are divided among the  soft-toned natural stone looking (series Advance, Format, Milestone, Stay);  cement-inspired and minimalistic (series Cementi, Ever, Evolve, Fibra, Glow, Spark, Studio); rustic and outdoor (series Dolmen, Extreme, Trek, Trust, Extend and the 20 mm thick Sunrock slab); marbled and veined ( Gallery, Marvel, Style and Sunrock); wood inspired (series Doga, Etic).

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