Appiani is one of the oldest ceramic tiles producers in the world, the company was founded in 1873 to produce ceramic decorative hollow tiles and brickworks. The production of dry pressed tiles started in 1900 and in 1929 Appiani pioneered the manufactureing of coloured tiles. In 1993 the company starts producing glazed red stoneware through the exclusive “monopressocottura” (single-press firing) technology. The resulting material has a low water absorption ( < 1%) and is therefore suitable for use inside swimming pools and even outdoor being guaranteed as frost-resistant.  The glazed surface allows for a very large uni-colour palette (serie  Anthologia, Fashion, Seta), with one serie (Open Space)  offering more natural soft colours in both matt and antislip (R11B) finish.  In serie Metallica, metallic elements are added to the glaze creating fashinating plays of light and hues reflections.  The surface hardness of the glaze depends from the colour, with some colours being suitable only for residential or light commercial areas and others more resistant of universal application. Appiani mosaics  are available in a vast range of standard mixes and decors but can also be combined in personalized blends according to individual taste.

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