Apavisa is the leading Spanish manufacturer of high quality full-body porcelain ceramic tiles. Superior quality standards, innovative manufacturing technology and architectural design solutions, grouped under the aRCH Concept brand,  are its trademarks.

In aRCH Concept are found the most innovative decorative patterns and tile designs, with curved surfaces, convex shapes, mirror  metal and fiberglass finishes.

The main collections can be grouped stylistically between those with a metallic look (series Inox, Metal, Patina  and the 4 mm thick NanoCorten), those with a cement or industrial floor look (series Regeneration, Beton, Microcement, Rendering and the 4 mm thick NanoEvolution), the wood inspired (Iconic, Vintage, Oak),  the natural stone imitations (Burlington, Lava, Limestone, Neocountry, Quarrystone, Quartzstone, Vulcania) and the plain colors (Spectrum and the 4 mm NanoColors and NanoFantasy)

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