Agrob Buchtal

Agrob Buchtal is one of the largest klinker and ceramic tiles producers of Germany. Amongst all the other tiles, they have special products meant for facade covering. Facade Program (series KeraTwin® and KerAion) offers a range of ceramic and profiled klinker tiles for both ventilated and traditionally glued fassades. The system KeraTwin® K20 with its new, innovative T-profile K20 ensures an even more rapid and simpler installation: as the fastenings for the ceramic panel are already integrated in the T-profile, only one single profile remains to be aligned and mounted. Flexible, low-cost installation also on problematic bases is guaranteed by the “Omega” profile variant, which permits, among other things, the free planning of the panel lengths.

Special pieces are used above all as protection against the sun or view, for realizing elegant corner solutions or setting design accents. As both glazed and unglazed versions are available in numerous colour variations, special pieces can be used either tone in tone or – for more variety – in contrasting colours. For working out individual, project-specific fastening proposals, please contact us. For standard fastening variants, see the standard technical details. It is also possible to join several parts together to make a compact element. For this, various rubber spacers to be mounted between the individual parts are available.

Environmental protection is one of the most urgent tasks of our days, and the company feels obliged to contribute to it to a high degree. That is why Agrob Buchtal’s ceramic tiles are covered with HT (TiO2 coating), which offers three special economical and ecological advantages:

– it is extremely easy to clean/self-washing effect with long-term guarantee

– it has an antibacterial effect without using chemical products

– it decomposes the exhaust fumes produced by cars and industry.

1,000 m² of facade ceramics with HT clean the air as effectively as 70 medium-sized deciduous trees.

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