Agrob Buchtal

Agrob-Buchtal is one of the largest klinker (extruded ceramic)  and dry-pressed  tiles producers of Germany. It offers a wide range of floor and wall tiles, with excellent resistance values and innovative technical solutions as it can be expected from germans. One of these innovations is the Hydrotech® treatment, based on titanium dioxide surfaced coating. Being hydrophilic, the Ti O2 coating creates a permanent veil of water vapor on the tile surface, preventing staining agents to adhere to it and making cleaning and maintenance almost effortless. Being photocatalytic, the TiO2 coating creates activated oxygen which decomposes bacteria, fungi and moss. The active oxygen also combines with gases, decomposing i.e. the exhaust gases created by industry and vehicles.

Among the series, System Chroma includes glazed and unglazed unicolor tiles, mosaics and special pieces ideal for pools, spas, saunas and similar wet areas. The Plural Plus and Basis programs focus on glazed and unglazed tiles for use in medical facilities, sanitary areas and hotel bathrooms. The range Natur Ambiente includes unglazed ceramic and klinker tiles in warm natural earthenware colors, in thickness up to 40 mm that can be used i.e. as paving stones laid on a sand bed without the need of adhesive installation.  Owing to the full synterization of the klinker, the paving stone Piazza will never change its color due to moss or humidity infiltrations.

Completing the extensive offer are  the Fassade Program with dry-pressed ceramic or  profiled klinker tiles for both ventilated and traditionally glued fassades, including fastening equipment and metallic support profiles ;  and the Swimming Pool Program with its exhaustive range of special pieces in formed klinker to finish off every border and corner of your indoor or outdoor pools.

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