Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita is one of the leading producers of agglomerate slabs and tiles. Santa Margherita offers both marble and quartz based agglomerates, in which the natural stone fragments are bonded with polyesther resin. With the slabs (max size 305x140x3 cm) is possible to make window-sills, kitchen-tops, vanity-tops and counters in general.

Marble agglomerates (serie Agglosimplex and Marghestone) have a more natural and traditional look, are competitively priced and very easy to cut, install and re-polish. Quartz agglomerate are harder and are therefore the preferred choice for public areas floors (serie Trafficstone) and work surfaces like kitchen-tops and counters.

Serie Legacy and Lapistone-Stardust with its modern colors and precious inserts in opalized glass and mirror or natural shells are the choice for the most exclusive decorations, like for instance a dance hall floor.

The serie SECOND.LIFE® is not just a brand and new product line, but first and foremost an ideal and a lifestyle. In line with the ongoing research, attention and awareness that SANTAMARGHERITA® has always addressed to the environment, SECOND.LIFE® aims at giving new life to materials that have been used in various forms in the past, to create high-tech design surfaces, with a very low environmental impact, confirming the company’s desire to protect our planet. SANTAMARGHERITA® provides professionals, enterprise and private clients a range of agglomerates that earn the LEED building system credits, contributing to obtaining sustainable construction certification in compliance with the GBC standards (Green Building Council Italia).

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